Comprehensive pre-season preparation for youth players in HDC Slovakia

The program is designed for pre-season training preparation for hockey players born in 2000 - 2004. Based on a detailed diagnostics of the player's current level are created individual training micro-cycles of duration 2 - 8 weeks. The goal is to eliminate the weaknesses and further enhance the game skills that are needed to improve the on ice performance.


players born in 2002 - 2005


5/1/2018 - 7/31/2018


During Comprehensive pre-season preparation based on 3 specific training zones in HDC Slovakia: ice rinkskatemill and hockey gym we are creating 2 - 8 weeks training micro-cycles for a players. During a player's stay in cooperation with our HDC training team made up of professional ice hockey, fitness and mental coaches, physiotherapists and regeneration, recovery and health specialists we individually adjust the volume and intensity of the player's workout load to achieve optimal fitness level for the season. 


Areas of pre-season preparation are:




  • Blood sampling and analysis - assessing the health of the player
  • Evaluation of FMS player's movement stereotypes
  • Testing of fitness-coordination skills (SportTesting Dryland)
  • Biomechanical video analysis of skating techniques on Hockey Skating Treadmill


TRAINING PROCESS (content of 1 week)


  • 2x training on hockey skating treadmill (conditioning skating)
  • 1x training on ice
  • 4x training in hockey gym (functional, explosive, special strength)
  • 2x weightlifting training
  • 2x track & field training (agility, speed, special endurance)

The schedule of training sessions will be sent to the player after sign up.


During pre-season preparation at HDC Slovakia, we also use unique technologies and equipment to efficiently improve skating techniques:


  • Hockey skating treadmill HST A 230
  • Instructor - a software program to demonstrate exercises
  • Live Delay - a software program and camera system that provides feedback
  • Peripheral Navigation - Improved shooting and peripheral vision
  • Shooting Navigation - Improved shooting and peripheral vision
  • StridePower - development of special endurance and speed
  • Firstbeat - Heart rate monitoring during training
  • Laser system - a tool to improve the push off phase during skating
  • Vertimax
  • High-quality hockey gym (sled, parachutes, Vertimax, STdyne, etc.)

At least 2 weeks (possibility of extension up to 4-8 weeks)
The full hockey equipment, sharpened skates, clothing and footwear for dryland (gym, outdoor).