Combined HDC package

This package connects two programs, the Evaluation of a player (Condition-coordination abilities and Skating technique Analyses ) and Skating techniques. The program aims to improve skating technique and is constructed for maximum individualization between trainer and player.


For hockey players of all ages


365 €


Combined HDC package is often referred as an entry program, because cooperation with the player usually begins with this program. High quality methodology of correct skating is applied in Skating Analysis, and thus is used to evaluate skating technique deficiencies with video analysis. Many times cause of the errors isn't skating technique itself, but limits in condition and coordination abilities of the player. That is the reason, why we asses parameters such as: dynamic and static stability, reaction speed, explosiveness of lower extremities ... For these tests, we use product Sport Testing Dryland.

The program also includes 12 training sessions. 1 training session contains 45 minutes of training on hockey skatemill HST + 30 min dryland (condition and coordination exercises).

During the practice we use these technologies:
- Instructor software program (Interactive exercises)
- PSN (Peripheral Shooting Navigation) product to improve shooting and peripheral vision
- Stride power, special tool for speed and endurance development on hockey skatemill
- Firstbeat, monitoring heart rate during practice
- The laser system as a teaching assistant for correction of skating stride.
- High quality gym, equipped with lots of progressive hockey specialized aids


max. 3 players in group

Program should be finished within 90 days, due to the maximum effectiveness of the training.
Document with a structured assessment, interview and video output - meeting with the player (parents), consultation of achieved parameters, description of strengths and weaknesses with the recommendations and video with description
The participant will bring: hockey stick, sharpened skates, gloves, shin pads and socks, clothing and footwear for dryland (gym, outdoor)