Read the reactions of players and parents to our camps and workouts.

I found the training to be really great, thanks to you, Peter and Milan for all your help. Thanks!

Duane Mattos

It's news for me that center offers biomechanical analysis of skating technique with which I have so far yet to meet. Coaches filmed my skating and in detail it was explained to me. They showed me what my strengths are while skating and, of course, what remains to be my weaknesses and how should I train to eliminate them.

Peter Podhradsky, KHL player

Hockey treadmill is unique tool. You can rehearse the things that are on ice very difficult to train. The hockey center is equipped with devices that helps improve skating technique and individual sports activities. Using these tools you can significantly improve the players hockey development.

Ladislav Nagy, NHL, KHL player

As part of my summer training I have included training on the hockey treadmill. Coaches chose condition skating and shooting, in which they use various tools. Although training has been challenging, but I am well prepared for upcoming season.

Martin Stajnoch, KHL player

I train on the treadmill for 5 years, thanks to this I am able keep pace with younger players. I feel that I am improving both technicall skills and speed. I removed a lot of mistakes, which I did not know before. Thanks to trainer I train more effectively.

Erik Weissmann, KHL player